The Chessmen Museum reopened its doors on November 25, 2017, after a makeover. This makeover saw the addition of the collection of mother and daughter Rademaker, which was now revealed in a festive get-together, after weeks of unpacking and sorting out lots of boxes.

“It was very special for me to see our collection on display here at the museum”, says daughter Miranda. “A lot of memories came back to me; of the first ever chess game we bought together, and also of all kinds of funny situations from later years. It was nice to be able to share these stories with the museum´s visitors.”

I am a violin-player, so I alternated my stories with music, which I performed together with two of my violin students: Myrthe Andriessen and Kim Nieuwland. We had selected the musical pieces so that they really fitted the stories of the chess games and their origins. This made for a truly unique afternoon for all those present. If heaven does exist, I´m sure my mother was looking down on us from up there, with a smile on her face!”